New Fitness Center at MRMS
New Fitness Center at MRMS
Posted on 02/12/2015

Recently, Molalla River Middle School opened a new fitness center located in the upstairs mat room in the gymnasium. This new facility was developed to support the school's efforts in teaching wellness and healthy living habits. Students use the fitness center twice a week in their physical education classes in an effort to improve their overall fitness.     

With the generous donations from the Safeway Escrip program the school was able to secure new exercise equipment for the students. During class, students participate in circuit training that is broken up into nine stations. The stations are developed to exercise the upper and lower body muscle groups. The stations most favored by students have been the stationary exercise bikes. These bikes were purchased new from Northwest Exercise Equipment in Salem.      

Molalla River Middle School has put a lot of time and effort in developing this nice fitness center. Students even lent a hand in creating the comfortable work environment by painting enthusiastic murals on the centers walls. We invite the public to come and see our new fitness center and look forward to improving this facility in the future.