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What is a school counselor?

· A state certified, specially trained professional

· An educator who advocates for all students

· A coordinator

· A consultant

· A group leader

· A mediator

· A professional who helps teachers, parents and other adults to understand children

· A professional who helps children understand themselves and others

An educator who helps students focus on academic, personal/social, and career development so that they not only achieve success in school, but are prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society”. (ASCA, 2003)

What does a school counselor do? 

· Develops a guidance plan based on a school needs assessment

· Counsels with students individually and/or in groups

· Provides a systematic and developmental classroom guidance

· Responds to student needs in a crisis situation

· Orients students to new school settings

· Works with absentees, potential dropouts, and other at-risk students

· Participates actively  in the referral process of students and/or parents to special programs and/or community services.

· Plans school wide prevention activities

· Coordinates efforts with other school specialists

· Conducts conferences with parents

· Facilitates parent discussion groups

· Coordinates staff support activities

· Conducts periodic evaluations of the guidance program

· Pursues continuous opportunities for professional growth and development

· Adheres to ethical and legal standards


What types of issues do school counselors help with?

· Abuse

· Anger

· Divorce

· Dropout

· Eating Disorders

· Family Crisis

· Gang Pressures

· Harassment/Sexual Harassment

· Loss and Grief

· Peer Problems

· Phobias

· Safety

· Stress

· Substance Abuse

· Suicide

· Teen Pregnancy

· Test Anxiety

· Trauma/Violence

· Underachievement

Does a school counselor provide intensive counseling services?

School counselors are educators trained in counseling techniques and theories.  We can provide basic counseling and check-in services for your student to help them manage daily concerns.  We are unable to provide weekly "therapy" sessions.  However, we are happy to help families locate more intensive mental health services.

How can I find an outside mental health counselor?

The first step in locating mental health services is to contact your insurance company directly.  They can direct you to providers covered under your policy. 

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